Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A Queensland free from domestic and family violence, where all people feel safe in their own homes and in their communities, and where children can grow and develop in safe, secure environments.

Our Mission

To be a key voice through leadership in the prevention and elimination of domestic violence in Queensland, supporting the highest level of effectiveness and safety in interventions with men and boys who perpetrate domestic and family violence. We will do this through developing a robust, well-resourced and inclusive network with the capacity to contribute specialist experience, knowledge and perspectives from the field of working for change and accountability with men who use domestic and family violence.

Our Values

Safety – Accountability – Gender Equity and Intersectionality – Collaboration and Inclusion – Innovation

These values are interwoven and support each other, speaking to what drives the way we work together and the position we take in the world.

Safety – Safety is core to all our decision making. We support practitioners and services in doing safe practice with clients, as well as providing a community of practice that centres feelings of safety and belonging in our members.

Accountability – SPEAQ holds itself accountable to its members, to the victim-survivors experiencing violence, and to the men and boys receiving services. Aligned with best practice and relevant regulatory frameworks, we centre the safety of women and children, and men’s accountability and personal responsibility, in our practice and advocacy.

Gender Equity and Intersectionality – We have a commitment to gender equity and addressing gender inequality as a key to ending violence against women and children, with a recognition of multiple forms and layers of oppression, disadvantage, and trauma.

Collaboration and Inclusion – SPEAQ values diverse voices and experiences in striving for our work and our advocacy to be inclusive and effective through meaningful collaboration and partnerships, particularly working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, Elders and communities.

Innovation – SPEAQ supports evidence-based research and creative solutions in responding to the demands of services and the diverse and complex needs of individuals, families, and communities, contributing to research and consulting opportunities with specialist knowledge.




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