SPEAQ Forum 2022 is happening!

Please note! Event details have changed since this post was published – please visit the event page for updates.


SPEAQ Forum 2022 is all systems go!


The SPEAQ Forum is our annual conference focussed specifically on core business for SPEAQ members – an event to build connections and grow expertise in DFV perpetrator interventions. Our organising committee has been quietly working behind the scenes over the last couple of months to prepare a forward looking event that explores new territory while also strengthening our common values.


Location: Cairns

Date: 10th – 11th November

Venue: Cairns Colonial Club



SPEAQ Forum 2022 – Breaking the mould:  Progressing our responses to diversity

The theme for this year’s Forum is about change, growth and diversity. We’re seeing diversity broadly – recognising the important considerations of serving marginalised populations and moving well beyond this to a consideration of diversity in the mainstream – in individual needs, relationship and behaviour patterns among the persons and families we work with; the diversity of approaches to the work; and the diversity of intervention types emerging, from brief early interventions, to diversion programs to complex and high risk case management to long term behavioural and attitudinal change, both face to face and on-line, group and individual.


From the early days of mainstream MBCPs using less than a handful of models, intervention with persons using violence is now developing into a field that is broad and diverse in multiple ways, with the common purpose of intervening effectively to create safety for those affected by abuse, and bring accountability and humanity to those perpetrating it. At this conference we’re interested in supporting this growth and exploring the growing edges.


Early Bird ticket release

Keeping in mind the end of financial year, Early Bird tickets will be released on the 20th June, at a cost of $370.


Travel Subsidy

A travel subsidy scheme will be made available to members to subsidise travel – details will be made available at the time of the early bird ticket release.


Member presentations

This year we will again be asking for expressions of interest from members to present on a topic related to the theme. A formal invitation will be provided in the next week.


Watch this space for more info!

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