Men’s DV Group Facilitation Training – 4 Days


Domestic Violence Intervention Facilitator Training – 4 days, Presented by Ken McMaster.

Working effectively with men who have used domestic and family violence requires specialist knowledge and skills. In this workshop, you will work through a range of ideas and perspectives in domestic and family violence practice, and develop intervention skills to enhance family safety and wellbeing. This workshop is specifically designed to support workers who are developing their skills as men’s DFV behaviour change group facilitators.

This is the fourth offering of the 4 day training with Ken, and our last one in this series. We continue to get excellent feedback from participants, in fact 12 out of 12 respondents gave the May 2018 training a rating of Excellent.

Some participant Feedback from May 2018:

“Thank you all so much, it was important to our learning and development of our group to have the knowledge and experience in the room.”

“Thank you HMA and SPEAQ, this has been perhaps the best workshop I have attended in years and I put a lot of that down to the way the sessions were presented. Thank you Ken you did a wonderful job and it was a fantastic experience attending… Thanks again”

“Thanks for the excellent training. It was indeed a refresher for me and I appreciated Ken’s presentation style which encourages interaction and development in a respectful way. Venue and catering were very good and thanks to Paul for your thoughtful planning of this. Good to meet people in the wider SPEAQ network too.”


Ken is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and has a thirty-year history working in the social service and criminal justice area. He leads the learning and development team at HMA, splits his time between running workshops in Australia and New Zealand, and working on programme design as well as helping agencies with their intervention responses.

View the flyer: SPEAQ Facilitation Training 4-Day Nov 2018.

Register using the registration form: SPEAQ Facilitator Training Nov 2018 Registration.

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