Special Teleconference – CoViD-19 responses


This special teleconference is being called to discuss responses to the CoVid-19 pandemic, for men’s DFV behaviour change programs and related services.

All SPEAQ Members, Invited Participants and registered Guests welcome. 

As the response to CoViD-19 progresses, organisations are considering the safety of running group programs, as well as individual sessions and Court work. It is a diabolical situation where self-isolation and other impacts of CoViD-19 are increasing the risk of DFV, but services are increasingly constrained.
Appropriate responses and their timing will vary between organisations and locations, but where a decision is made to cancel face to face services, what other options do we have for keeping men engaged and visible, supporting continued change, and managing risk?
Some regional DV services are have taken the decision to suspend all face to face services, and are offering phone services only for individual clients.
How is your organisation responding to CoViD-19? What options are you exploring to keep men engaged and visible, supporting continued change, and managing risk? How do we manage contractual obligations? Please share information with your colleagues so that we can find the best solutions in these challenging times.

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