Approved Intervention Programs

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Are you going to court?

If you’re a respondent in a Domestic Violence matter in Court, the Magistrate can refer you to a program to get help to stop abusive behaviour. This is done through an Intervention Order, which you may agree to. The programs are known as Approved Intervention Programs. Because it’s your choice, consenting to an Intervention Order shows the court that you are wanting to change your behaviour, and that you’re also willing to be accountable to the court to follow through and complete the program.

Support you can trust

Most SPEAQ members are Approved Providers, who are authorised by the Qld Government under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 to provide Approved Intervention Programs. This means the court trusts them to provide a quality service that will make a difference, if you make good use of it.  Click here for the approved programs provided by SPEAQ members.

Participation: Intervention Orders or Voluntary

Most Approved Intervention Programs are also open to other people to attend – you don’t need to have an Intervention Order to do the program. However be aware that in some locations where there is a waiting list for the program, people on Intervention Orders may get priority.

Moving house?

If you have an Intervention Order and are planning to move to another location within Qld, you can usually attend another Approved Program closer to your new location. Make sure to check with the original magistrates court what paperwork they require, to ensure you comply with the order. Attending a program that is not an Approved Intervention Program will not satisfy the order.


For the full list of Approved Providers, provided by the Qld Department of Justice and Attorney General, click here.

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